for Teens (12-16 years old)


We invite you to our Dance School in Gdynia, where passion meets professionalism! Our “Choreography” classes are dedicated to young people aged 12-16 and are a unique combination of dance learning and creativity.

Key benefits of participating in the classes:

  1. Personal Development – Dance affects not only the body but also the mind. Participants learn discipline, build self-confidence, and develop their expression.
  2. Social Skills – In our dance school in Gdynia, we promote healthy competition and collaboration. This teaches participants how to work with others, build lasting relationships, and improve communication.
  3. Improved Physical Fitness – Choreography classes greatly benefit flexibility, coordination, and muscle strengthening throughout the body.
  4. Creativity – We focus on developing individual abilities and imagination, helping teens create their own choreographies.
Our Dance School in Gdynia offers classes led by experienced instructors who not only teach the basics of dance but also inspire and motivate continuous improvement. Our studio is equipped with modern facilities and ensures a friendly atmosphere where every participant feels important and appreciated.

Join us and discover the world of dance in the best dance school in Gdynia!

Don’t hesitate! Spots are limited, and your dance adventure awaits right here, in the heart of Gdynia. Contact us today!

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