for children 5-11 years old


Our Dance School in Gdynia is pleased to introduce a unique dance class designed for our youngest – “KIDS CHOREOGRAPHY”. We offer two age groups: 5-8 years and 9-11 years. We believe that childhood is the best time to start one’s dance journey and discover a passion that can last a lifetime.

Key benefits of attending the classes:

  1. Emotional and social development – In our dance school in Gdynia, children learn to express their emotions through movement, helping them to understand themselves and others. These classes also build relationships among participants, teaching them how to be part of a team.
  2. Coordination and balance – Dance is not just fun, but also an excellent exercise for the body. Through it, youngsters learn body control, improve coordination, and strengthen muscles.
  3. Creativity and imagination – Our choreography classes emphasize creativity. This allows children the opportunity to create their own dance routines, further developing their imagination.
  4. Fun and joy – Dance is above all a wonderful fun! In our dance school in Gdynia, we ensure that every child feels special and derives as much joy as possible from the classes.

Under the guidance of experienced instructors from the Dance School in Gdynia, your child will be able to develop their skills in a friendly and safe environment.

Begin your child’s dance journey in the heart of Gdynia!

Don’t wait, join us! Places in groups are limited. Contact us to enroll your child in classes and discover the magic of dance with us!

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