Welcome to the Victory Dance School Gdynia, a place where Twerk becomes an art and a source of self-confidence! Our school is an oasis for Twerk lovers, regardless of their level of advancement. Come to us and discover the joy and freedom of movement!

Why Twerk?

Twerk is not just a dance, it is a way to express yourself, increase self-confidence and sensuality. Our Twerk classes in Gdynia are created for anyone who wants to learn this exciting form of dance.

Our offer

  1. Twerk Courses for Beginners: Start your Twerk adventure from scratch. Our experienced instructors will introduce you to the world of Twerk, teaching you techniques and basic steps.
  2. Advanced Twerk Classes: If you are already an advanced Twerk dancer, we invite you to our advanced classes where you will be able to improve your skills and develop your style.
  3. Specialized Workshops: In addition to regular courses, we offer specialized workshops where you can deepen your skills in various styles of Twerk.

Why Gdynia Dance School?

  • Experienced Instructors: Our instructors are dance enthusiasts who have many years of experience in teaching Twerk.
  • Friendly Atmosphere: We have a friendly and supportive atmosphere where everyone can feel at ease and accepted.
  • Location in the center of Gdynia: Our school is located in the very heart of Gdynia, which makes us easily accessible to residents of the entire Tricity.

Join us!

Don’t wait any longer! Join our community at the Gdynia Dance School and discover the joy of Twerk. Follow the rhythm, build self-confidence and enjoy life to the fullest. Reserve your place today and start dancing with us!


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