Classes of HEELS / STRIP

for women (17+)


Join our “HEELS / STRIP” classes, where dance, sensuality, and confidence go hand in hand! Our Dance School in Gdynia offers these unique classes dedicated to women who wish to combine heel dance technique with seductive elegance and grace.

Key benefits of participating in the classes:

  1. Embracing your femininity – Our lessons at Dance School in Gdynia help women accentuate their natural sensuality, while building self-confidence and self-worth.
  2. Technique and elegance – “HEELS / STRIP” is not just about expression, but also about learning the proper posture, walking, and dancing in heels, which translates to grace and elegance off the dance floor.
  3. Physical fitness improvement – These classes are an excellent workout for the leg, glute, and abdominal muscles, shaping and toning the silhouette.
  4. Challenge and fun – In our dance school in Gdynia, we guarantee that learning to dance in heels will not only present challenges but also offer lots of fun in a friendly and supportive environment.
Regardless of your dance experience, the “HEELS / STRIP” classes are the perfect place to unleash your inner diva and feel incredibly feminine. Under the guidance of our experienced instructors, you’ll discover how brightly you can shine.

Fall in love with dance and yourself again in the heart of Gdynia!

Don’t wait! Join our dance community and discover the power that lies within your body and soul. Contact us and start your sensual journey now!

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